Coaching Services

My mission as your coach is to ignite your passions, inspire and motivate you, and help you overcome limiting beliefs and behavior patterns that act as barriers to success and happiness. Coaching is focused on harnessing your strengths and fulfilling your potential as a leader, entrepreneur, educator, or human being. It is designed to make you accountable for taking specific, motivated, and strategic actions to improve your life or career. Coaching is a collaborative process in which I act as an advisor and guide. Coaching and psychotherapy are separate services, with psychotherapy focusing on mental health issues. If I am your coach, I cannot also be your therapist.

My coaching services are designed to help you to:

  • clarify your goals and priorities
  • grow your interpersonal and communication skills
  • bring passion and excitement to your work and life
  • overcome internal and external barriers to success
  • live more mindfully and become more compassionate
  • manage stress and negotiate life and career transitions
  • manage your time effectively and be more self-disciplined
  • overcome insecurity and self-doubt, and gain confidence
  • learn a growth mindset, including how to be “gritty” or courageous

Executive and Entrepreneurial Coaching

I provide coaching services for executives, entrepreneurs, and small business owners to help them build or expand businesses, become better leaders, manage organizational change and transition, move on from failure and get “unstuck,” and/or integrate mindfulness into their lives and workplaces.

I work with leaders to help them define and expand their visions, translate ideas into actionable steps, or manage time and people more skillfully. We work to identify negative beliefs, ineffective communication patterns, and/or unhelpful ways of behaving that limit success, exploring strategies on how to overcome these issues. My clients learn how to balance mindful compassion with assertiveness and boundary setting, to deal with narcissists and disruptive employees, and to manage stress in healthier ways. My approach to executive coaching is grounded in mindfulness, the neuroscience of stress and emotion, and positive psychology (the science of optimal human functioning).

Health and Wellness Coaching

As part of my health and wellness coaching practice, I help clients build healthier habits and lifestyle. They learn new methods for de-stressing, exercising more regularly, managing weight, eating healthier, and/or developing better sleep habits. Some clients also seek health coaching to better understand and manage chronic pain, fatigue, or illness, where they learn to identify the triggers of symptom flares and how to listen to the body. Wellness coaching is a holistic approach that treats mind, body, and spirit, and I teach clients how to meditate and/or practice self-compassion to reduce stress, making self-care a priority so one can be stronger and more effective in life. Overarching goals may include living a healthier lifestyle, managing stress or symptoms, prioritizing health and happiness, finding personal or spiritual meaning and fulfillment, or living a more balanced and peaceful life.