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Business and Career

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Mental Health

Psych Central – How to Stop Avoiding What Scares or Overwhelms You View More >
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Relationships – Is Your Relationship Mathematically Sound? 8 Tips to Making It Healthier View More > – Health – 5 Secrets to Dating When You Have Bipolar Disorder View More >

Parenting and Teenagers

Psychology Today (The Mindful Self-Express Blog) – Worst Mistakes Parents Make When Talking to Kids View More >
Stress Tips for Teens – Tamalpais Union High School District Wellness Center View More >
Stuff, New Zealand – Regrets? If you’re a parent you’ll have a few View More > – 5 Reasons Why Your Child May Not Be Listening to You View More > – Researched-Backed Approaches to Preventing Bullying View More >

Managing Stress and Living Healthier

Refinery 29 – This is Why Some People Just Never Get Stressed Out View More >
Shape Magazine – Binge Drinking on the Rise View More > – 15 Ways to Handle Holiday OverEating & Emotional Eating View More >
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Radio, Television, and Podcasts

How to Be Awesome at Your Job Podcast with Pete Mockaitis – #126 Making Stress Work for You 3/6/17
The Chip Franklin Show on KGO 810 – 2/20/17
Inner Healers Radio – The Stress-Proof Brain – 2/2/17
The Solo Parent Life Podcast with Dr Robbin Rockett – 9/27/16
Dr Sophy’s Podcast with Dr Charles Sophy – #91 Talking With Your Children – 5/3/15
The Morning Show on BYU Radio – No Regrets? – 12/23/14
Inner Healers Radio – Cultivating Healthy Curiosity – 1/15/14
The Money Jar Podcast – Episode 6 – Holiday Shopping: Keeping the Bounty and Budget Balanced – 12/3/12
USC Radio Productions Channel Two – Live Life With Courage with Dr Dee – 9/17/12
Inner Healers Web TV – Melanie Greenberg on Abundance – 3/20/12
Unopened Gifts Podcast with James McPartland – Looking Inside and Finding Your Gifts – 3/1/12 (Listen on iTunes)
Best People We Know on BlogTalkRadio – Revitalize Your Mind and Life – 2/12
Winning Life Through Pain Podcast with Coach Marla – 1/19/12
Leading With Emotional Intelligence – Relationship Ruiners – 1/11/12
Wellness for the Real World Podcast with Dr Veronica Anderson – The Cure for Regrets? – 2011
UCSD TV – Psychosocial Aspects of Chronic Pain 6/12/08
Eat. Love. Live. Thrive with Corinne Dobbas on Webtalkradio – 6 Things You Should Know about Stress View More >

My Work Was Featured or Quoted in These Podcasts

Lightning Process UK – Podcast 25 on Courage View More >
The One Mind Meditation Podcast – How to Nurture Mindful Relationships View More >
Help4MenRadio on Blog Talk Radio – Relationship Tuesday: How to Let Go of Past Hurt View More >
Golden Spiral Media – Stuff I Learned Yesterday Podcast – #266 Be of Good Courage View More >

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